Courses in Abrahamic Religions and Israel Studies

Courses in Abrahamic Religions and Israel Studies - 2021/22 School Year


Abrahamic Religions

Biblical Court Tales | Prof. Michael Segal

The Covenantal Idea in Jewish Thought | Prof. David Flatto

The Economy and Social Structure of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah | Dr. Igor Kreimerman

Hazor: 'Head of all Those Kingdoms | Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor

The Legacy of German Jewish Modernism | Prof. Vivian Liska

Hannah Arndet and Rachel Varnhagen | Prof. Michael Fisch

Spiritual Exercises in Modern Jewish Philosophy | Prof. Arnold Davidson

Travel in the Medieval Islamic World | Dr. Oded Zinger

Discipline and Punish: Heresy, Religious Minorities and the Catholic Church in Early Modern Europe |Dr. Martina Mampieri

Death, Dying and Grief in Islam | Dr. Koloka Hanlis

Images of Paradise in the Qur'an and in Islam | Dr. Koloka Hanlis

Language of Biblical Poetry | Prof. Adina Moshavi

From Islam to Islamism: The Historical Roots of Political Islam | Prof. Adam Silverstein

Interconnecting Islam: Roads and Inns from the Umayyad through the Ottoman Period   |Prof. Katia Zitrin-Silverman

Introduction to the Arab States of the Gulf | Dr. Nora Derbal

Wine in the Kabbalah of Tzfat: Symbol and Instrument | Dr. Vadim Potcho

The Dead Sea Scrolls | Prof. Esther Chazon

 Israel Studies

I am Aharoning: Reading David Grossman | Dr. Tamar Hess

The Kibbuts: Beginnings, Glory, the End? | Prof. Jonathan Dekel-Chen

Israeli Art in the Thirds Millennium | Dr. Noam Gal

The Population of Israel | Prof. Uzi Rebhun

Religion and State in Israel: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives |  *Dr. Laura Wharton

Dialogue, Narratives, Identities and Conflict Resolution | Dr. Yuval Benziman*


*Courses of the Faculty of Social Sciences